New domU Xen Kernels

A few months ago we released a very lightweight Xen domU kernel based on's patches to 2.6.18. Indeed, the kernel was built from's source tarball without any modification to the .config. Today we are releasing an updated domU kernel (2.6.31) that derives directly from instead of The Xen code is now in the mainline kernel source so we no longer need patches from (at least for a domU kernel). Also, the 2.6.31 kernel was compiled with a good deal more modules than the 2.6.18 kernel so it should be more useful in a real-world system.

The 32-bit and 64-bit 2.6.31 domU kernels are ready for download now:
Linux 2.6.31 xenU 32-bit
Linux 2.6.31 xenU 64-bit

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