Download Linux 3.0.1 Paravirtualized Kernel 64-bit for Xen

Version: Linux 3.0.1  Architecture: x86-64  Size: 7 MB

Please read the deployment guide before attempting to use this kernel.

This kernel has been superceded by a newer kernel, newer kernels are available at the link below

Up-to-date kernels

Download linux-3.0.1.stk64.tar.bz2 (7 MB) / md5 / sig / Signature Verification

  • This is a paravirtualized kernel built directly from sources
  • It is intended to run strictly as a domU, not as dom0. There is extensive documentation on deploying the kernel at the link below, as well as documentation on how it was built.
  • This is an unpatched kernel. The actual compilation options are stored in the tarball at boot/config-3.0.1.stk64

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