CentOS 6.5 Webmin/Virtualmin for SolusVM on x86-64

  Format: Solus Xen Template  Architecture: x86-64  File: centos-6.5-x86_64-solus-virtualmin-20131204.tar.gz
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Please read Downloads before attempting to use these files.
Solus creates a root password when deploying to a VPS.

This file is no longer available

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  • This template contains a fresh installation of Webmin and Virtualmin GPL.
  • "Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web server control panel based on the well-known Open Source web-based systems management GUI, Webmin. Manage your virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, applications, and the entire server, from one comprehensive and friendly interface." -- virtualmin.com
  • The default SolusVM kernel will not work. Please use pygrub or XENPVOS to ensure the proper kernel version.
  • Please make sure to use xvda naming in your cfg file by defining the correct options in the master's advanced.conf (see the kernel howto linked below). This is required for pygrub users as well. However if you have configured your nodes to always use xvda no changes to advanced.conf is needed.
  • UTC has been set in /etc/adjtime (EL default is LOCAL) and /etc/localtime (EL default is US/Eastern)
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/stkinit runs on first boot and initializes the webmin/usermin ssl keys
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