Debian 7.2 Wheezy Xfce Desktop for SolusVM Xen PV on x86

  Format: Solus Xen Template  Architecture: x86  File: debian-7.2-x86-solus-xfce-20131017.tar.gz
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Please read Downloads before attempting to use these files.
Solus creates a root password when deploying to a VPS.

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Download debian-7.2-x86-solus-xfce-20131017.tar.gz (486 MB) / md5 / sig / Signature Verification

  • Using a Debian 7 kernel is recommended (via pygrub or advanced.conf). See our howto linked below
  • A remote desktop session can be created using # vncserver :1
  • Tunneling vnc traffic over ssh and running as a non-root is also recommended for additional security.
  • Customized /etc/rc.local to recreate ssh keys on first boot and create /boot/grub/ if necessary
  • Created sample /root/.vnc/xstartup for users to run xfce in a vnc session
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