Arch Linux 2013-01 Xfce Desktop for Xen on x86-64

  Format: Xen 3/Xen 4  Architecture: x86-64  File: arch.2013-01.xfce.x86-64.20121230.img.tar.bz2
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  • A sample xstartup is in /root/.vnc/; use vncserver :1 to start the desktop on the server and connect to port 5901 from the vnc client of your choice. It is best to run vnc as a non-root user over an ssh tunnel for improved security.
  • If the tab key is not working during a vnc session, use "Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard" and remove shortcut "Super+TAB"
  • Added xen-blkfront to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf in order to create a xen-enabled initrd.
  • Root desktop logins are allowed (see /etc/pam.d/gdm-password)
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