General Info About Using QEMU Images

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Each download is a bzipped tarball containing a qemu image:

The naming convention of the download tarball is:


All of the packages installed in the image will be the latest versions available as of the created date, which is in yyyy-mm-dd format.

The qemu images are stored in qemu's qcow2 image format with a single partition.


  1. Working installation of qemu
  2. Enough filesystem space to accomodate the uncompressed tarball (generally 1GB)

Default Configuration and Networking

The root login is root/password. It is highly recommened that you change the root password immediately.


You will need to uncompress the tarball to a local directory.

For a 32-bit vm:

# qemu centos.5-5.x86-64.20100813.qcow

For a 64-bit vm:

# qemu-system-x86_64 centos.5-5.x86-64.20100813.qcow

If all is well you will see the guest’s boot messages scrolling by.

Further Reading

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