Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.3 Images And Templates

Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS was released yesterday. We have re-revved all of the lightweight and desktop Lucid images and templates. This brings in all package updates to date -- no other configuration changes have been made. Please follow the links to download:

Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid 64-bit

Updating an existing VM to 10.04.3:
We have tested the following procedure to update an existing vm to 10.04.3. Backing up data before an upgrade is always recommended. The "safe-upgrade" option is also recommended since it will retain the current kernel as well as installing any new kernel that is available.

  • root@ubu:~# aptitude update
  • root@ubu:~# aptitude safe-upgrade
  • You may be prompted by the latter step regarding updating grub's menu.lst. We recommend choosing to "install package maintainer's version". This will update the menu.lst with all installed kernels, ie the new kernel as well as the current kernel.

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