Debian 6.0.3 Squeeze and Debian 5.0.9 Lenny Released; Images and Templates Available for Download

All of the Debian Squeeze templates and images have been updated to release 6.0.3 and the Debian Lenny templates and images have been updated to release 5.0.9. The upstream releases occured Oct. 8th and Oct 1st respectively.

32-bit Debian 6 Downloads
64-bit Debian 6 Downloads

32-bit Debian 5 Downloads
64-bit Debian 5 Downloads


  • ACPI has been installed and enabled for fully virtualized images to enable better lifecycle control from control panels
  • The lightweight images have some additional CLI utilities that have been requested by users
  • The Debian 6 SolusVM templates no longer disable the zz-update-grub script. There was an upstream bug fix that allows us to leave this script enabled. Hence the menu.lst will now be updated automatically when kernels are installed or removed. [NOTE: Unfortunately this fix was not backported to Debian 5 so the SolusVM Debian 5 templates still require the end user to manage menu.lst]

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