Debian 6.0 Squeeze, Kernel Updates

A user has reported an issue updating to the latest Debian 6 kernel. The kernel and initrd are installed correctly but one of the "post install" scripts fails leaving the kernel package in a half-configured state. If you are experiencing this issue we recommend disabling the specific post-install script as a temporary workaround:

# chmod a-x /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub

apt updates will now work correctly after doing this, but please manually check the correctness of /boot/grub/grub.conf;

UPDATE Mar 22: The new templates and images that fix this issue are available now.

OpenSuse 11.4 Images And Templates

The OpenSuse project released version 11.4 on March 10th. We have re-revved the lightweight images. Please follow the links to download:

OpenSuse 11.4 32-bit
OpenSuse 11.4 64-bit

Debian 5.0 Lenny Updates

All of the Debian 5 xen-based images and templates have been re-revved and are ready for download. This release resolves the issue in the previous story. That particular issue only affected 32-bit templates but we have updated 32 and 64-bit templates to keep things in-sync and also bring in updates from Debian upstream.

SolusVM users please note that as of this update the Lenny templates are no longer designed to work with the default Solus kernel. Instead, using the Debian kernel via pygrub or xen pvos options will provide better performance and maintainability.

Debian 5.0 Lenny Upgrade Issues, Suggested Fix

A subscriber reported an issue updating the SolusVM 32-bit Lenny template using apt-get:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
libc6-xen: PreDepends: libc6 (= 2.7-18lenny6) but 2.7-18lenny7 is to be installed

We were able to confirm the problem. A quick fix is to execute the following as root, and then rerun the update process:
# mv /etc/ /etc/

Please note that this issue only impacts 32-bit Debian 5 Lenny Xen templates and images. We will be re-revving impacted templates shortly to address the issue permanently.

A Couple of Links: Droid Disk Images, Post

If you are curious about how the images and templates are built check out our guest post over at

On another tangential note, we put up a guide for creating virtual disk images of the x86 port of the Droid operating system. Actually this howto just retargets the USB disk images that are already available at

Scientific Linux 6.0 Release Candidate Images Available For Download

Scientific Linux is close to releasing version 6.0; we have a few RC1 and RC2 images for Xen and VMWare.

Scientific Linux Downloads

From the Scientific Linux Website:
"SL is a Linux release put together by Fermilab, CERN, and various other labs and universities around the world. The base SL distribution is basically Enterprise Linux, recompiled from source."

RHEL-6-Alikes, Musings Part II and Strategy

In our earlier post we discussed the release of Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 and ran down some of the alternative rebuilds based on it. Currently RHEL 6 and Oracle Linux 6 are complete but no fully public repositories exist (Oracle maintains a public repo sans bug fixes). CentOS has not released anything based on version 6 yet but it is in the works. Scientific Linux 6 is currently in Beta 3.

RHEL-6-Alikes, Musings

In November Redhat released RHEL 6, a quite impressive upgrade to the ubiquitous but increasingly stale RHEL 5. Redhat over the years has inspired various clone distros, projects that recompile and repackage the GPL compatible components in such a way that maintains full (for various definitions of full) compatibility with the upstream repository.

Debian 6.0 Squeeze Released; Images and Templates Available for Download

After two years of work the Debian project have made a milestone release: Debian 6.0, codename Squeeze. This is also the first Debian release to integrate Xen paravirtualization capabilities into their mainline kernel, which has been updated to 2.6.32.

We are pleased to make available for download 32-bit and 64-bit "lightweight" Debian Squeeze images for Xen, VMWare, QEMU/KVM and SolusVM. Update Feb 9th: Gnome Desktop images for all platforms are ready for download now.

32-bit Debian 6 Downloads
64-bit Debian 6 Downloads

Reader Mail: Creating cPanel Templates and End-User Template Customizations

A few new HOWTOs inspired by our user base have been added to the doc collection, ranging from the small scale (tweaking a template by directly modifying the tarball) to the large: creating a cPanel template from scratch. Follow the links for more info...

HOWTO Tweak a Template By Appending Files

These two should be read together; they describe a simple method for creating a SolusVM template containing cPanel for deployment to multiple nodes:
cPanel Installer Getting Started Guide
HOWTO Create a Full cPanel Template From an Existing Fresh Install

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