QuickMachines Templates Released

Stacklet and QuickMachinesVM have codeveloped a set of Xen templates for the lightweight, easy-to-use QuickMachines virtualization control panel.  Based on the Xen platform, QuickMachines is under active development and allows for convenient single server installation, vps management tools and customized client plans.

Hosting Control Panels: ISPConfig 3 and VirtualMin

Please check out our recently bundled control panels for deployment under SolusVM:

ISPConfig Download
ISPConfig Deployment Guide

VirtualMin Download
VirtualMin Deployment Guide

While different in scope and feature set both products allow centralized management of internet services via a standardized web interface. We would like to thank Rack911 for provisioning a dedicated dev/test server to aid us in development.

Gentoo 2011 Images and Templates

NetBSD 5.1 Xen Images Available

The NetBSD lightweight templates have been upgraded to version 5.1, which was released by the NetBSD project on November 19th.

32-bit NetBSD 5.1 Xen Image
64-bit NetBSD 5.1 Xen Image

New Mirror Online in Netherlands

The good people of DirectVPS have provisioned a VPS and 100mbit pipe to help us bring our subscribers faster downloads in Europe.

Fedora 14 SolusVM Templates Now Available; 32-bit Xen Images Available Too

The Fedora 14 lightweight templates are here with updated documentation on deploying under SolusVM. Hat-tip to Nick from the Fedora Project for technical info on the 32-bit Fedora kernel.

Fedora 14 x86 Solus Template
Fedora 14 x86_64 Solus Template
32-bit Fedora 14 Xen Image
32-bit Fedora 14 Xen Image with Gnome Desktop

Fedora 14, Production Release

The Fedora project announced Fedora 14 yesterday. We have released lightweight and desktop images and templates for VMWare, QEMU and Xen (currently 64-bit only). Please check back soon for SolusVM templates.

Fedora 14 x86
Fedora 14 x86_64

New Mirror Online in Chicago

NeoSurge has provisioned a VPS and 100Mbps pipe to help us bring our subscribers faster downloads. Thanks NeoSurge!

Preview: Fedora 14, Beta Release

In anticipation of next month's release of Fedora 14 we have created a limited set of images to help participate in the beta program and explore the new options and features. Next month we will have the full array of 32 and 64-bit images for the usual platforms as well as desktop versions.

Fedora 14 x86 (BETA)
Fedora 14 x86_64 (BETA)

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick, First Production Release

Ubuntu 10.10 was released on October 10th and we now have the full array of 32 and 64-bit Maverick images and templates:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (32-bit)
Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (64-bit)

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