CentOS 6 on SolusVM

CentOS 6 uses a newer kernel than CentOS 5 (obviously). The kernel currently bundled in the templates is vmlinuz-2.6.32-71.29.1.el6 with two newer 2.6.32 kernels in the pipeline that will presumably be released in the 6.1 tree if not sooner. For SolusVM users you will find that CentOS v6 templates will no longer work with the default SolusVM domU kernel, which is still at version 2.6.18. There are extensive notes on overriding the default kernel under SolusVM, not only for CentOS but for all the templates we distribute.

On a related note, for all yum-using distros we discourage using a 64-bit kernel to power a 32-bit vps. Generally this happens when someone deploys a 32-bit template (usually CentOS 5.6) on a 64-bit slave node without using pygrub or some other means of overriding the default kernel. To paraphrase Nike: just (don't) do it.

Bottom line: kernel versioning and architecture issues can almost always be avoided by using pygrub or by following the advice in the kernel howto.

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