CentOS 6 on SolusVM, Part II (IMPORTANT)

The kernel currently bundled in the CentOS 6.0 templates is vmlinuz-2.6.32-71.29.1.el6. As noted in the previous story there are upstream EL6 kernels that are not in the CentOS package repo yet. Unfortunately, the newer upstream kernels have made a change that is likely to impact users of the templates. As of kernel 2.6.32-131, all sda* device nodes that appear in your vm***.cfg will be remapped to xvde* inside the vps. The previous behavior had been to map sda* to xvda*.

Scenario: a SolusVM vps is updated to the new kernel and rebooted. If the vm***.cfg file is using sda* devices the vps will not boot. The vps' kernel will see the root device as /dev/xvde1 but grub.conf and fstab are configured with /dev/xvda1.

Solution: Do not allow SolusVM to use sda* device nodes when it creates the vm***.cfg for a CentOS 6 vps; sda is no longer appropriate for CentOS 6 and this updated block device mapping code makes it actually harmful. You can force SolusVM to use xvda* when generating the cfg file by using the XENPVOS option in advanced.conf. We highly recommend that you start doing this now to future proof your vpses before the kernel update appears!

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