CentOS 6.0 Images and Templates Available For Download

The CentOS project released version 6.0 yesterday; we have bundled lightweight images for Xen, XCP, VMWare, KVM and SolusVM on x86 and x86_64. Additional downloads (Desktops) will be available as the week goes on. Update July 13th: 32 and 64-bit Gnome Desktops for all platforms except XCP are available now.

CentOS 6.0 x86 Downloads
CentOS 6.0 x86_64 Downloads

From the release announcement:
"Since upstream has a 6.1 version already released, we will be using a Continous Release repository for 6.0 to bring all 6.1 and post 6.1 security updates to all 6.0 users, till such time as CentOS-6.1 is released itself."

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