CentOS 6.1 Images and Templates Available For Xen, SolusVM Xen PV, KVM and VMWare

The CentOS project has released version 6.1; we have bundled lightweight images for Xen, XCP, VMWare, KVM and SolusVM on x86 and x86_64. Additional downloads (Desktops) are available for Xen, VMWare and KVM. Note: Because the upstream vendor has already released version 6.2, we have enabled the CentOS CR repository, which will allow users to get updated 6.2 packages as the CentOS team makes them available.

CentOS 6.1 x86 Downloads
CentOS 6.1 x86_64 Downloads

SolusVM Template Users:The kernel used by CentOS 6.1 has changed the way sda block device names are mapped. All SolusVM users who do not default to xvda site-wide should read the notes on the template download page as well as consult the kernel howto to implement the appropriate overrides. Essentially it is now mandatory to use xvda* device names in the vm config file since sda* will be (mis)mapped by the kernel. We first discussed this issue in July with respect to CentOS 6.0 + CR, so hopefully everyone has already been doing this for a few months.

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