CentOS 6.2 Images and Templates Available For Xen, SolusVM Xen PV, KVM, VMWare and XCP

A mere ten days after releasing 6.1, the CentOS project has released version 6.2. We have now released lightweight images for Xen, XCP, VMWare, KVM and SolusVM on x86 and x86_64. Additional downloads (Desktops) are available for Xen, VMWare, KVM and SolusVM. Since CentOS is now in sync with the upstream vendor release we have not included the centos-release-cr package in these templates.

CentOS 6.2 x86 Downloads
CentOS 6.2 x86_64 Downloads

SolusVM Template Users:The kernel used by CentOS 6.1 and later has changed the way sda block device names are mapped. All SolusVM users who do not default to xvda site-wide should read the notes on the template download page as well as consult the kernel howto to implement the appropriate overrides. Essentially it is now mandatory to use xvda* device names in the vm config file since sda* will be (mis)mapped by the kernel.

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