Linux 3.0.1 Xen domU Kernels

Version 3 of the Linux kernel is starting to show up in various distro repos (eg the forthcoming Ubuntu 11.10). Continuing our tradition of building smallish, lightweight kernels that can be plugged into various domU guests, we have built x86 and x86_64 Xen PV kernels.

Download Linux 3.0.1 domU 32-bit
Download Linux 3.0.1 domU 64-bit


  • We start with unpatched kernel sources from Many hardware drivers are deselected and PV options are compiled into the kernel (as opposed to using kernel modules). This results in a small kernel that can boot a Xen guest without an initrd. The HOWTOs below describe the process, using an earlier kernel release as an example. The information applies equally well to v3.
  • It is highly unlikely that this kernel will boot in a fully-virtualized environment (or raw hardware for that matter) due to the lack of drivers. We have provided a guide if you want to customize and rebuild the kernel with additional modules. This is the guide we will direct you to if you ask us to build a customized kernel for you.
  • Kernel 3 is not a major update to the code base despite the version bump. Quoting Linus: "So what are the big changes? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. No breakage, no special scary new features, nothing at all like that."

HOWTO Build A Vanilla, Paravirtualized Xen Kernel
HOWTO Deploy A Paravirtualized Xen Kernel

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