Updated OpenSuse 11.4 Images and Templates Available For Download

The OpenSuse 11.4 templates have been been rebuilt: this brings in all package updates from upstream as well as tweaks and improvements described below. The 32-bit paravirtualized Xen image has been dropped, however a 64-bit XCP PV template has been added. VMWare and KVM images are still available for both architectures.

OpenSuse 11.4 x86 Downloads
OpenSuse 11.4 x86-64 Downloads


  • Package additions: yast2 and related admin tools, per user request
  • Grub changes: Use menu.lst instead of grub.conf; populate /etc/sysconfig/bootloader and /etc/grub.conf with values appropriate to the emulation scheme.
  • Xen: root block device is now xvda instead of xvda1
  • VMWare & KVM: ext4 root filesystem; also reference disk label instead of device node
  • VMWare: Add scsi modules to the initrd to support SCSI emulation

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