FINAL: Gentoo Linux 2013-01 Images and Templates for Xen, XCP, KVM, VMWare and SolusVM Xen PV

64-bit Gentoo Linux

Final images of Gentoo in a variety of formats are now available. This build has been named 2013-01 and does not correspond to an upstream release. We have instead opted to track rolling distros on a bi-yearly schedule with January and July updates.

The images contain a customized 3.6.11 kernel built from the gentoo sources, but with the addition of xen domU capabilities and virtio device drivers. This allows us to run on a variety of virtualization platforms that are not supported (or not supported optimally) by the default kernel config in Gentoo. As usual multilib is enabled to allow running of 32-bit binaries (stacklet does not provide 32-bit images of Gentoo).

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