OpenSuse 13.1 Images And Templates for KVM, Xen, VMWare, XenServer and SolusVM Xen PV

The OpenSuse project released version 13.1 yesterday. x86 and x86_64 lightweight images (ie CLI only) for Xen, KVM, VMWare, XenServer and SolusVM Xen PV are ready for download.

OpenSuse 13.1 32-bit
OpenSuse 13.1 64-bit

The x86 downloads are available on our public ftp server ( as well as in the subscriber repo. SolusVM users should note that the control panel does not officially support OpenSuse, hence a degree of manual intervention regarding network setup is required by the sysadmin (or possibly by utilizing DHCP). Stacklet recommends the SolusVM templates for experts only, ie we will only offer cursory support especially for networking issues.

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