Slackware 14.1 Images And Templates for SolusVM Xen, KVM, XenServer and VMWare Available for Download

Slackware released version 14.1 last week. 64-bit templates and images are available for SolusVM (Xen PV), Xen 3/4, VMWare, QEMU/KVM and XenServer/XCP. Slackware does not package a Xen PV kernel so all PV-enabled templates have a recompiled kernel based on the 3.10.18 tree.

Please follow the link to download:
Slackware 14.1 x86_64

All previous versions of Slackware templates (eg 14.0) and 32-bit 14.1 templates have been moved to the archive section of stacklet's public ftp server ( Support for archived templates is rather limited, ie will consist of advice to upgrade to 14.1.

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