Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2 Images And Templates

We have re-revved all of the lightweight and desktop Lucid images and templates. This brings in all package updates and introduces some enhancements described below. Please follow the links to download:

Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid 64-bit

Change Log:

  • ext4 is now the root filesystem on fully-vrtualized images (ie VMWare and KVM)
  • The VMWare config file now uses SCSI emulation by default
  • Xen-based images and templates are now using linux-image-virtual instead of linux-image-ec2 for the kernel. This improves integration with Ubuntu's update-grub script and hence makes it easier to implement pygrub-based scenarios. We are now using xvda* block device naming instead of sda*
  • We have enabled automatic grub menu updates in /etc/kernel-img.conf across the board. Previously this was disabled due to the issues with linux-image-ec2
  • An xva template is now available for Lucid for the first time (x86-64 lightweight only).

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